Mullingar Pewter Shamrock Door Knocker

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The early history of pewter in Ireland goes back at least 800 years. The pewterers of this era produced the first utensils for domestic use, consisting mainly of tankdards, plates and candlesticks. It is now fashionable to buy pewter for everday use instead of silver. Peweter is easy to store, never wears out and on special occasions it provides a splendid display. Ot can also be readily engraved with ain inscription by any competent jeweller. The ancient craft of pewter making was revived in Ireland by Mullingar Pewter in 1974. Each piece is still made in the traditional way in a crafts workshop by Irish men and women, specially trained in the old casting methods, meticulous assembly and delicate hand finishing. These skills take year sot acquire and each piece of pewter bears the company touchmark which his a guarantee in itself. A superb 'Fáilte' (Irish Welcome) design door knocker handcrafted for Mullingar Pewter in Ireland by a skilled pewter craftsman. Pewter never wears and is a superb display piece.
Product Code: 25657


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