Tipperary Price Fairness Policy

For nearly four decades we have had only one goal in pricing - Fairness for all.
We believe that properly and fairly pricing an item or items is one of the basic tenants of good business. To that end we do not believe in marking products at one price only to offer them at another creating only the illussion of discount. Hence you will rarely find sales in our store, just the honest and fair price from day one. We understand we might generate more sales trying to fool you but aren't you really smarter than that?
We also believe that offering all the typical "courtesy discounts" people often ask for is not fair to others who are not able to avail of them. When items are fairly priced there is no reason for such discounts. Theorectically a discount to one must be made up by over charging another and we think that is wrong. Hence we do not offer Senior, Military, Police, Fraternal or other such individual discounts.
We do offer organization pricing to bonafide 501C Irish associations and Catholic Churches and Diocese with proper paperwork for awards and gifts presentations to officers, members and dignataries.


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