14KT Gold Vermeil Trinity Necklace

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The subtle beauty of this pendant makes it a unique gift for a delicate and romantic woman. This beautiful gold Celtic trinity knot pendant is a true testament of eternal love and longevity wrapped in ancient Celtic history. Above all, a dense coat of Gold vermeil gives this necklace a touch of class and sophistication.

A traditional Celtic symbol of unquestionable beauty, the Trinity Knot is a single unbroken line intersecting to form three points. Commun in Celtic history, these three points represent The Holy Trinity and also the three earthly elements. The beauty of The Trinity Knot is truly on display in this Gold Vermeil Trinity Knot Pendant. Gold vermeil combines 925 Sterling Silver and Solid 14K gold to create a masterpiece full of symbolism.

  • Vermeil pendant will bring light and style to your experience
  • Comes Presentation Boxed
Product Code: 43741


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