Hand Knit V-Neck Irish Cardigan Sweater by Athena Designs

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This Authentic Irish sweater was Hand Knit and Hand Finished in Co. Cork Ireland 
Natural Aran in color.
Known in Ireland as a Lumber Jacket this is a V neck Cardigan.  6 Buttons and 2 Traditional front pockets. Traditional Knit Pattern.
Crafted from Certified Authentic Donegal Wool.

Hand knitted by Ann McCauley
This is a whole different quality, weight and authenticity than mass produced sweaters. Please consider the quality when making your purchasing decision.

This is as real Irish as it gets!
100% Pure Irish Wool / 100% Laine Natural.
V Neck Cardigan was traditionally a Gents style sweater but now commonly worn by woman as well.

The perfect Irish sweater to keep warm fall,winter and spring seasons.

Available Size 52.
Sweater are meant for layering. We recommend you purchase a size larger than you would normally wear.
Product Code: 27087


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