Hanna Hat Vintage Patch Cap, Blue and Grey

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NEW FOR 2016

This new color pattern style is a Trad Patch inTweed blues and greys. This original Hanna Hats Vintage Snap Cap is totally in fashion, Watch any movie or TV show and your sure to see it.

Each cap is unique in patch pattern and colors. While they all fall within this similar spectrum they are handcrafted and individual. You may browse our selection in store, if ordering online or by phone staff will select your cap for you.

Because of the high demand and limited availability of Hanna Hats we may on occassion be out of certain sizes in particular styles, please contact customer service to be placed on a waiting list for your size and we will accomadate you as soon as possible.

Made by Hanna Hats in Donegal, Ireland, of 100% Pure New Wool.

A stunning handcrafted cap that is as comfortable with a suit and topcoat as it is with jeans and a farm jacket. Can we worn stylishly by any age and any gender.

Pure New Wool Handcrafted completely in Donegal Ireland.

Product Code: 25278


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