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Inis Aran BlackberryStitch Ring Blue Topaz

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"Inis Aran" - The Open Sea, Wind and Waves, Freedom

This Blackberry Stitch styled Ring measures .75 inches across, made of Sterling Silver.
The .50 inch center stone is surrounded by the Blackberry and Cable Stitches.

The cables, ropes and braids of traditional Aran design, provide a point of departure for this exhilaration jewelley adaptation.
Bold statementsof individual style these hand crafted pieces set with geniune gem stones reflecting the subtle hues of the ever changing sea,
sky and land offer a refreshingly modern way to wear jewellry.

the Inis Aran Collection is inspire by the rugged Atlantic coast line, its people and their traditions.
Incorporating the tradition of the famous aran sweater the combination of stitches indicated the village of the wearer and one could be identified by ones garment.
Each sterling silver piece is hallmarked in Dublin Castle by the Irish Assay office which was established in 1637.

Fado Jewellers' John Condron has incorporated these stitches into the jewellry the zig-zag stitch indictated the crooked mountain paths, hedged by mossybanks
The moss stitch and the autumn fruits of the bramble became the famous blackberry stitch.
The tree of life stitch represented by a central trunk with many shooting off branches was said to be the desire of the fisherman for mant sons to follow him to the sea.
The ropes of the moorings became the cable stitch associated the security, as it tethered the most precious of possessions the boat.
The spread out drying nets on the quay became the trellis stitch or diamond stitch a sign of wealth and a means to a bounty of plenty.

Is mise le meas, John Condron - Fado Jewellers Co. Wicklow


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