Ogham Wish "Strength, Courage"

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In the misty past of Ireland, the first alphabet developed was called Ogham. It was a system of slash marks crossing a center line, usually on a wide tree branch and later on stone plinths.

The tilt and number of slash marks indicated the letter. The beauty of the system was that the branch could be carried like a letter or left in one spot to provide a message

. Used by the Druids and other early Celts, Ogham faded from use when the Roman alphabet was introduced.

Today, Ogham is experiencing a resurgence of interest. Ethel Kelly not only creates elegant calligraphy Ogham, but hand-makes the paper it is written on before framing.

These have been extremely popular with our customers since they are usually just one word such as love, courage, joy, friendship and welcome. In a short or long format, they make appreciated gifts for your friends, the bride and groom, or your own home.

Measures 11" by 11"comes framed in Black Wood

Product Code: 33758


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