Christmas Time in Ireland, Paddy Noonan

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This classic Rego Irish Records production is without question the most popular Irish Christmas album of all time. This timeless recording has endured as a bestseller for decades and become the Christmas standard for generations of Irish and Irish Americans alike. Paddy Noonan and his band of exceptional Irish performers take you back to a simpler, happier time when the true spirit of Christmas was celebrated.
We encourage you to share these songs and stories with your friends as they are sure to bring the warmth of a traditional Christmas Time in Ireland to your Christmas celebration.
The final track is Silent Night (Oiche Chiuin) by MARIE FRANCES and is sung in both Irish and English . It has never been matched in it’s beauty and simple elegance.This wonderful album is a must in any music collection.
Please note this item is part of the Rego Records GREEN Earth initiative and thus shipped shrink wrap free.  Rego Records is just trying to do it's small part to "green" our eco system.

  • Track 01. Christmas Time In Ireland (VOCAL: MARIE FRANCES)
  • Track 02. The Wren Song - St. Stephen's Jig (VOCAL: TOMMY MULVIHILL)
  • Track 03. Christmas In Killarney (VOCAL: MARIE FRANCES)
  • Track 04. The Holly & Ivy Dance (INSTRUMENTAL: PADDY NOONAN)
  • Track 05. Christmas In Kerry Long Ago (VOCAL: TOMMY MULVIHILL)
  • Track 06. Wind In The Willows (VOCAL: TOMMY MULVIHILL)
  • Track 07. Christmas Eve In Ireland (STORY BY THE LEGENDARY EAMON KELLY)
  • Track 08. The Christmas Reel (INSTRUMENTAL: PADDY NOONAN)
  • Track 09. Holy Night (VOCAL: MARIE FRANCES)
  • Track 10. Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake (VOCAL: TOMMY MULVIHILL)
  • Track 11. Silent Night (VOCAL: MARIE FRANCES)
Product Code: 1170


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