Dalkey Celtic Woven Pashmina Scarf

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Named after the islands of Ireland, and inspired by their stories and history, our Island Range of shawls and scarves is a fusion of modern Irish design and colour palette together with the traditional Celtic knot weave or ‘snaidhm celtic’ in Irish/Gaelic. This union of old and new creates a stunning range of exciting and innovative Pashminas that will bring a splash of Celtic splendour to transform any outfit in your wardrobe.

Remains have been found on Dalkey Island Co Dublin which prove that it was inhabited as far back as 2,500 BC, and the island has a long and colourful history of saints and Viking raiders. Fancy being King for a day? In the eighteenth century the title: ‘King of Dalkey, Emperor of the Muglins, Prince of the Holy Island of Magee, Elector of Lambay and Ireland’s Eye, Defender of his own faith and Respecter of all others, Sovereign of the illustrious Order of the Lobster and Periwinkle” was bestowed upon a different ‘facetious’ King each year at an annual island festival.

  • Fusion of modern Irish design and colour palette
  • Stunning range of exciting and innovative Pashminas
  • Traditional Celtic knot weave
Product Code: 42541


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