Emerald Crystal Barley Flared Vase 10"

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A wonderful gift for a loved one.
Hold a large bouquet of flowers.
Great Mother's Day gift.

The Barley 10" Flared Vase has the pattern of harvested barley in a fusion of diagonal and vertical wedge cuts portraying stacks of barley scattered throughout the field. This large 10" flared vase is a imposing piece that shows the barley sheaves in all their ripened glory.The third in a series of four such pieces ,it is crowned with a scallop top to accentuate the barley, with it's tiny ears of ripened grain.This vase will hold a large bouquet of flowers and makes for a great Mother's Day gift.Each piece has handmade in Ireland on it.

  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Perfect as a Mother's Day gift
  • Hold a large bouquet of flowers
Product Code: 28428


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