Feenish Celtic Woven Pashmina Scarf

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Named after the islands of Ireland, and inspired by their stories and history, our Island Range of shawls and scarves is a fusion of modern Irish design and colour palette together with the traditional Celtic knot weave or ‘snaidhm celtic’ in Irish/Gaelic. This union of old and new creates a stunning range of exciting and innovative Pashminas that will bring a splash of Celtic splendour to transform any outfit in your wardrobe.

Feenish Island, south Connemara A callous land agent once tried to burn down the house of a family on Mweenish Island for non-payment of rent. The agent had already destroyed a handful of houses on nearby Feenish Island. When the burning party set out for Mweenish, the priest urged all the Feenish islanders to sink to their knees and pray. The story goes that God heard the people’s cry and a bolt of lightning shot out from the Heavens and struck the agent dead before he could do their neighbours harm.

  • Fusion of modern Irish design and colour palette
  • Traditional Celtic knot weave
  • Stunning range of exciting and innovative Pashminas
Product Code: 42544


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