Framed "Just Looking" by Olga Knight

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By Olga Night Designs
Olga is an experienced cello teacher who resigned from her position as Head of Cello for Hampshire, UK to paint. During her first year, 1988, she had a painting hung at the Royal Institute in London and subsequently many major exhibitions in London and New Zealand. Her fine watercolour paintings with their highly individual style attract much interest. Her paintings are to be found in collections around the world. In 2002 she was invited to become a member of the Society of Women Artists, London.

Just Looking: "I found these sheep amusing subjects to work with. While I was drawing them they simply stood on the other side of the rusty iron gate "just looking" at me with their expressionless faces. Occasionally they would change places when those in front had stared at me for long enough, or wanted to move further away from Gordon my Scottish Terrier who would occasionally caution them for standing too close."

Measures 16.5" x .5" x 14" with frame
Signed watercolour print. 15/350
Product Code: 35654


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