Galway Irish Crystal Longford Flute Glass Pair

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If you love your "fizz" then our champagne flutes are for you, representing luxury and class. The Longford flutes look elegant and features a nice stem making it easy to hold without warming up the champagne.

The shape of the glass provides you with a good-sized serving, allowing plenty of Champagne to be held within your bowl and excess bubbles on the initial pour from bottle to glass. The Perfect Galway Crystal flute to toast those special moments. The Longford Glasses can be found in most households in Ireland as the glasses are normally passed down from generation to generation. The Longford Champagne Flute Pair make a fantastic gift for Weddings & Engagements with the beautifully cut detail and elegant design.

  • Symbolise love, friendship & loyalty
  • Traditionally crafted crystal
  • Beautiful modern look
Product Code: 15398


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