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We stock these excellent quality U.S. made tricolor Irish flags.
CHOOSE YOUR SIZE BELOW. Price subtractions and additions happen when you select your size.
2' x 3' (often flown on same pole under 3x5 American)
3' x 5' (standard pole size)
4' x 6' (great dorm or family room size)
5' x 8' (casket size).

Each heavy perma-nylon flag is double fly stitched with real brass grommets. We do not sell those inferior quality screen printed Chinese made flags.

The design of the Irish National flag was created by a group known as the Young Irelanders.
While visiting Paris they were inspired by the French tri-colour.
The Irish tri-colour was first used at the Ballingarry Rising (Co. Tipperary) in 1848.
The green colour represents the native Irish; the orange represents the orangemen (the colonists) and white symbolizes peace between the two communities.

"Fly your Flag" and show everyone you take pride in your heritage!

Product Code: 18653


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