Tara's Diary Kids Dangle Soother

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Tara's Diary Kids Dangle Soother Bead.

Fits our 7",7.75" or 8.25" Tara's Diary Bracelet along with Pandora, Chamilia and most other competing bracelet brands.

Yes in Ireland it is called a Soother and in North America a Pacifier.
Tara's Diary Kids Pacifier / Soother and Celtic Knot is the ideal charm for marking the birth of a new baby on your Diary Bracelet. This sterling silver charm features a classic Celtic Knot design on the top along with a miniature silver pacifier attachment. The Kids Pacifier charm is a superb gift for the new mom or you can even purchase a Diary Bracelet for the newborn and use this as their first charm. A birth is something so very special and needs to be commemorated in a very special way.
Product Code: 11340


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