Men's Zip Neck Fisherman Sweater, Natural

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For a traditional Aran sweater that reflects your natural active lifestyle, this Mens Zip Neck Fisherman Sweater is the piece for you! This sweater is made of pure Merino wool, which is excellent for wear out in the fall and winter cold. Merino wool has the ability to trap dead air to insulate from the cold, moisture-wicking ability to keep you feeling dry and comfortable, and ultimate softness.

Beautifully standing out in this sweater is a raised collar that creates a distinctive sporty look, and it’s paired with a half-zipper detail that is great for style adjustability, especially when layering with other pieces. Decorated with lovely Aran stitching, this sweater is charmingly Irish and makes a great addition to your wardrobe!

  • Made of 100% pure Merino wool
  • A go-to choice for a fall and winter sweater
  • Provides quality warmth, softness and breathability
  • Raised collar of this sweater gives it the perfect blend of refined flair and modern sportiness
Product Code: 40764


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