Platinum Claddagh Ladies Ring with Sapphire and Diamond

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This stunning ring is a modern take on the classic Claddagh ring of Irish lore. Bedecked in glittering jewels, this Lady's ring, crafted in platinum, is sure to show the world how much she is loved. The crown and hands are inlaid with brilliant diamonds which the central position of the heart is replaced with a upgraded gorgeous, heart shaped A grade sapphire.

The Position of the Hands In Claddagh lore, the position of the ring on the hands of a woman bespoke the role of her beloved in her life. On her right hand, if the ring was facing outwards it meant her heart was open for love. If it was facing inwards, it meant her heat was taken. But on the left hand, an outward facing heart meant she was engaged, while an inward facing ring meant that she had married the love of her life. For the Jewel of Your Heart For the Celtic beauty in your life, let this be the Claddagh ring to transition from the right to the left hand of your beloved. This is the perfect color set for women with cooler skin tones, darker hair, or who are attracted to the winter months.

  • This ladies ring is crafted in platinum
  • Bedecked in glittering jewels
Product Code: 42739


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