Shanore Mother's Family Shamrock Pendant, Four Birthstones

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1 Shanore's Mother's Shamrock Knot Four Birthstone Pendant

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Whether your heart be filled by one or six children, or any number in-between, this sterling silver Claddagh pendant is customizable to match that mother's love. No matter the number, the positioning of the shamrocks in and around the center ensures the piece remains as balanced and beautiful as a mother's adoration. Twelve gorgeous stone choices allow for the personalization needed to match any special birthday.

Motherly Devotion

Traditionally, the Claddagh's three components of hands, heart, and crown symbolize the three essential components of lasting devotion he Claddagh's hands of friendship protectively cradle the hearts filled with love close, as the crown of loyalty atop each heart speaks to a mother's devotion. The sparkling shamrocks that balance the piece serve as a beautiful reminder of Ireland.

The Apple of Her Eye

This pendant is perfect for any mother with love in her heart, be it for her children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren. The light that reflects off the shining silver will match the light in its owner's eyes as she talks about the people behind the vivid colors of her pendants hearts.

  • Choose the pendant design and birthstones to suit your family
  • Chain included for this pendant
  • Made in Ireland
Product Code: 30710


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