Shanore Mother's Family Shamrock Pendant, Two Birthstones

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1 Shanore's Mother's Shamrock Knot Two Birthstone Pendant

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Stunning Two Stone Shamrock Mother's Pendant is the most chic and elegant way to wear your loved ones close to your heart. Two personalized birthstones are set in heart shaped sterling silver, each beneath a finely detailed sterling silver crown. Framing the design, clasped one at each end, are two Claddagh hands. At the center of the piece shines a Shamrock pendant with brilliant white crystals.

Mother's Pendant and Shamrocks
A Mother's Pendant is a simply beautiful way to proclaim the love you have for your children or grandchildren. With a nod to the Celtic Claddagh, this pendant necklace features details of hand, crown, and heart for friendship, loyalty and devotion, and of course for love.

The Shamrock Pendant set between the two heart-shaped birthstones adds charm and beauty. The Shamrock is said to bring good luck, good fortune and good health. The white crystal encrusted design is a staple Celtic insignia as it represents the shamrock plant and is a symbol of the power of three. The three-leafed pendant can symbolize The Holy Trinity, or any three relative meanings important to the wearer; this could be land, sea, and sky, or past, present, and future. What a beautiful way to impress good intentions on your progeny!

A Keepsake
What better way to showcase the love you have for your children or grandchildren than with a personalized Mother's pendant. Customize your Mother's Pendant with your choice of two birthstones to represent each child's month of birth. The individuality of the piece makes it an extra special keepsake!

  • Choose the pendant design and birthstones to suit your family
  • Chain included for this pendant
  • Made in Ireland
Product Code: 30142


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