Skellig Woven Celtic Pashmina Mulligans Wrap, Silver

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This beautiful scarf features a Celtic knot design in tones of green and gold. Located off the west coast, in County Mayo, Achill is the largest of the country’s many islands. Much has been written about Achill, but perhaps a lesser known claim to fame is the fabled existence of the Dobhar Chu, a mythical lake monster, in Sraheens Lough on the island. Irish folklore is littered with legendary ghoulish water creatures, but few are as scary as Dobhar Chu (pronounced do-war coo), or ‘Hound of the Deep’. The creature is believed to live in many Irish lakes, but the largest number of sightings have been on Achill. Providing another link with Ireland’s close cultural neighbour Scotland, the Dobhar Chu is apparently considered to be a relation of the famous Lough Ness monster.

"Celtic Pashmina"

Dry clean only

  • Features a Celtic knot design in tones of green and gold
  • Traditional Celtic knot weave
  • Stunning range of exciting and innovative Pashminas
Product Code: 47894


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