Sterling Silver Tree of Life 1 Stone Irish Family Claddagh Birthstone Pendant

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This One Stone Family Tree of Life Pendant Necklace has been crafted in sterling silver and features stunning  crystals. In addition, its 20” long silver chain bears a stunning oval pendant inset with the ancient Irish symbol of the tree of life. Likewise, a heart-shaped crystal in the roots signifies the mother while the smaller crystal set among the branches signifies the child. You can choose the colors of the crystals to match buyer preferences.

The One Stone Family Tree of Life Pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry for a mother of a single child. This beautiful sterling silver necklace features glowing crystals and has an oval pendant depicting a tree of life symbol worn on a 20” long slim chain. The roots together with the branches have a crystal each which adds a touch of shine. The heart crystal amidst the roots signifies the mother and the smaller round crystal among the branches, symbolizes the child. The colors of both the crystals are customizable to match the individual birth month of the mother and the child. The tree of life is an ancient Celtic symbol of happiness, prosperity, and fortune. This necklace is the perfect Mother’s Day or Mom’s birthday gift.

  • Crafted in sterling silver and features stunning crystals
  • Includes 20” long silver chain
  • This beautiful necklace also features an oval pendant
Product Code: 44953


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