Sterling Silver Trinity with Abalone/Swarovski Drop Earrings

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These earrings are made of sterling silver.

One need not be traditionally religious to appreciate the legend of the Trinity knot. In fact, these days, the knot can possess a variety of meanings, depending on an individual’s personal preferences and belief systems. Some like to connect with the legend of the monks who brought this shape to Ireland centuries ago to convert the pagans to Christianity, using the three corners to teach the paradigm of the Holy Trinity. Others regard the triad as a symbol of past, present, and future; life, death, and rebirth; or creation, preservation, and destruction. Most agree that the endlessly interlocking ropes of this knot embody the idea of the human spirit’s timelessness

  • Perfect as a gift for your loved ones
  • Easily pair with any dress
  • Wear any time for a subtle addition of appreciation and class
  • These earrings are made of sterling silver
Product Code: 43216


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