Sterling Silver Celtic Cross with 20" Spiga Chain

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This boldly elegant Sterling Silver CelticTrinity Knot Cross blends elements for a truly remarkable piece. This edgy and modern take on a traditional figure features brilliant contrast with black oxidation cross boasting brilliant sterling silver details. Each bail on the crossf the pendant is home to a carefully crafted Trinity Knot, a superior touch.
20 inch sterling chain
Trinity Knot
Each Trinity Knot is fashioned from a single, unbroken line that has intertwined to create three separate points. Each of the three points represents an idea that is important to the wearer. Most traditionally the three parts of the Trinity Knot symbolize The Holy Trinity. The wearer may choose to acknowledge that the three points may also signify the three earthly elements of land, sea, and sky, or those of time: past, present and future. Each interpretation supports the other, suggesting strength, balance, and everlasting faith. The Trinity Knot's combined with the double cross truly illustrate beautiful Celtic and Christian tradition.

A Gift of Faith
The intricate craftsmanship in this Silver Celtic Trinity Cross creates a definite wow-piece. The fine detail, the meaningful symbols, and the striking design make for an excellent gift.

  • Approx 3/4" x 1.25"
  • Presentation Boxed
  • 20" Spiga Chain !!!!
Product Code: 37123


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